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Preis Algan 250ml


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Against polluting red and black algae in a saltwater aquarium

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There are different reasons why polluting algae are found in aquariums. This species of colored bacteria can multiply freely if the concentration of nitrates or phosphates is too high, if the movement of the water is insufficient, if the bottom layer is too thick, if the lighting is modified or unsuitable, there are spores in the pipe water or if, on the contrary, the water is “too pure”. In seawater qualified as sanitized these algae can spread just as freely as in very polluted water.
Thanks to Preis-Algan, you will quickly find clean aquarium water. After Algan’s cure, try to stop the causes of this pollution. If the seawater is very polluted, it is advisable to change it and use Preis Sea Salt. Also ensure sufficient current in the basin. In case you do not find any trace of nitrate or phosphate in your aquarium water, it is advisable to no longer wash the quick-acting filters, and to switch off the skimmer for about two weeks. This will lead to the formation of a group of bacteria that fight polluting red algae.

We also recommend adding Baktoplan Marin.

Preis-Algan is harmless to invertebrates and higher marine algae.